Hammer Crusher Spare Parts

Hammer Crusher Spare Parts

Compared with other types of crusher, hammer crusher has the advantage of simple structure, compact structure, production capacity, crushing ratio and less power consumption and so on. In addition, if the rotor is not balanced, in the high-speed rotation will produce harmful vibration; if the hammer does not meet the requirements of the balance of the fight against the balance of the hammer, , Will also produce harmful forces, additional energy consumption and reduce the bearing life. Hammer crusher work is the spindle speed is very high, so the hammer crusher centrifugal force is very large, which need to ensure the consistency of the quality of the hammer crusher, hammer in the crusher, but the actual production of hammer quality Consistency is difficult to achieve, which requires man-made weight to the hammer crusher. The hammer crusher is spare part, frequent replacement, the average two months to be replaced once.

Spare parts for hammer crushers

  1. Hammer hammer crusher is one of the most important spare parts, the use of high-manganese steel or high-carbon steel manufacturing, in order to enhance its wear resistance, and sometimes in the hammer surface surfacing carbide. The first three forms are mainly used for the granulation of 100 ~ 200mm soft and medium hard materials, the latter form is suitable for crushing large size of the hardness of the material. Use should be noted: installed in the same rotor on the weight of each hammer should be equal, relative to the direction of the weight difference of the hammer should be less than 100g, so that the rotor to ensure a good dynamic balance. To this end, the replacement should be noted that the relative position of the replacement in pairs.
  2. Sieve plate is second only to the hammer easy to wear parts. Its role is to control the size of crushed products. Sieve plate is not made of steel punching, and the use of wedge-shaped bar composed of bars bar. When installed, the grate should be perpendicular to the direction of rotation of the rotor, the gap should be from the grate inside to outside gradually expand the steel bar into the groove along the grate bar, the two grate bars separated by gaskets to ensure a certain gap. Replacement of different thickness of the gasket, you can adjust the grate of the gap.
  3. Hammer crusher crusher is generally manganese steel casting.

Selection principle of hammer crusher

  1. According to the nature of the material selection. In the understanding of the nature of the material after the break, and then according to different types of hammer broken use of performance to choose.
  2. Select according to production capacity. Through scientific and rational calculation, to master the comprehensive production capacity to determine the required hammer crusher specifications. Generally the production capacity should be slightly larger than the actual production capacity in the choice to ensure that will not affect the continuous production and supply of feed.

  3. According to matching power selection. Understand the crusher motor power, the right choice.
  4. According to the nesting mode selection. Materials discharged from the crusher in three ways, namely, weight blanking, vacuum suction and mechanical transport. For single-rotor crusher, because of its smaller model, generally used to simplify the structure of the material under the weight. Most medium-sized crusher with negative pressure suction device, you can absorb the finished product of water, reducing the humidity of the finished product is conducive to storage, improve the crushing efficiency of 10% to 15%, reduce dust room dust.

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