Ultrafine Mill Quality Identification

Ultrafine Mill Quality Identification

How should the quality of the Ultrafine mill be identified?

At present, the domestic ultrafine mill industry is mixed, especially in the ore mill industry. Many companies use other companies' product introductions, pictures, etc. to gain information, and even directly invert the mill products from the middle. A company acts as a trading company, which raises the price of the ultrafine mill and brings considerable harm to the consumers. How to identify the quality of the mill has become a skill that consumers must learn.

For the ore powder mill, first of all, you need to understand the performance parameters of the mineral powder mill to ensure that the mill can meet your individual needs. After determining the parameters of the mill can meet your needs, According to your production requirements, or the quality of the equipment itself to determine the choice of that mill products. The identification of the quality of the ultrafine mill requires some skill, especially the need to test it in person. Here are some technical methods and experiences from our technical experts to identify the quality of the mill:

The general method for identifying the quality of the ultrafine mill:

1. When selecting the ultrafine mill, be sure to read the equipment parameter description of the mill, especially for the range of processed materials, as well as the list of vulnerable parts and the scope of warranty. This is the most basic way to judge whether a mill can meet the needs, but it is not completely certain that the mill can meet the needs, because many manufacturers have exaggerated descriptions of the instructions.

2. Understand the model of the ultrafine mill, and whether it can meet the needs, we must inspect the quality of the mill itself, we recommend that customers can take the sample test machine.

Our mill equipment allows customers to bring sample test machines, customers can bring more than 50 kg of ore raw materials for the mill test machine. Some manufacturers do not dare to make this commitment because some companies simply do not have ready-made mill equipment, but only carry out intermediate inversion equipment. With the sample test machine, you can understand the quality of the company's ultrafine mill itself, such as the fineness of processing, noise, shaking, etc., you can also learn from the side of the company's strength.

3. The customer can inspect the mill site.

The sample test machine can only understand the quality of the ultrafine mill itself, and the general sample test machine is completed in the workshop. If the customer has doubts about the experiment, you can ask the manufacturer to contact you for some purchase. Customers who have passed the equipment, new customers can contact the old customers to conduct on-site inspection of the mill, but some customers are involved in the transformation of the ultrafine mill and some technical patents, as well as competition from peers, and are unwilling to accept customer inspections. The company can be contacted for coordination and the customer can check the identity of the after-sales representative. Only truly powerful companies dare to do this. Would you like to ask manufacturers like ultrafine mills that are advertised by some manufacturers in Henan, dare to do this?

4. Read the contract terms and the after-sales service terms carefully.

After a series of investigations, when you are sure that the grinding equipment can fully meet your needs, don't take it lightly. When signing the contract, you must carefully read the terms of the contract and make all the details of the contract. Careful review to ensure that the contract is true and effective, can protect your legal rights.

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